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Mount Tam Mountain Bike Trail Map

Discover the best mountain bike trails on Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tamalpais State Park Mountain Biking

Mount Tamalpais Area Summary
Location: Mill Valley, Ross
Best For: Intermediate to Advanced
Suitable For: All levels
Ground Cover: Sagebrush, grasslands and evergreen forests
Seasons: Good year round.  

Mount Tamalpais, considered by many to be the birthplace of mountain biking, boasts a long and colorful fat-tire history. In the mid-70s such now venerable names as Joe Breeze and Gary Fisher were pushing the limits of their specially rigged bikes down trails such as the infamous Repack (technically a bit north of Mount Tam).

Well, the good news is that bike technology has improved dramatically since then. The bad news is that the number of trails available to bikers has been severely limited on Mount Tam, with single-track all but eliminated.

That said, Mount Tam still offers plenty of great riding through widely varied terrain and vegetation. The southern and western slopes of Mount Tam are largely covered in scrub with intermittent stands of evergreen trees. The northern slopes are more heavily wooded with oak and evergreen forests punctuated by meadows and lakes. The rides also offer great bay, city and ocean views. Combine these assets with its proximity to San Francisco and its convenient access and it's no wonder that Mount Tam remains a major destination.

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Mount Tam Featured Rides

Featured Ride 1
Mileage: 9.3 miles
Aerobic: intermediate
Technical: intermediate
Trailhead: Lagunitas Road - Ross
Description: Moderately easy ride rolls through evergreen and oak forests, past beautiful grasslands and around a pristine lake.

Start in Ross on Lagunitas Road. Roadside parking is available. Begin riding up Lagunitas Road. Within a mile you will enter the Natalie Coffin Greene Park and soon reach a parking area (almost always full). Mileage begins here. Cross bridge and head uphill on the main fire road.
1.0 miles stay right on Shaver Grade. 2.2 miles stay on Shaver Grade at Five Corners. 2.8 miles left on paved Sky Oaks Road. 4.1 miles enter parking lot for Lake Lagunitas. Head up road at far left end of parking area. 4.3 miles right across dam. Circle Lake Lagunitas in counter-clockwise direction. Cross three bridges. 5.5 miles right onto Lakeview Fire Road. 6.1 miles left on Eldridge Grade. Control speed on fast downhill with blind, off-camber turns. 8.3 miles right on Shaver Grade. 9.3 miles Finish.

Featured Ride 2
Mileage: 14.0 miles
Aerobic: intermediate/advanced
Technical: intermediate
Trailhead: Hwy. 1 near Muir Beach Description: Great views and varied terrain highlight this perfect intermediate ride along the slopes of Mount Tam.

Begin route at trailhead on Hwy 1, 1.5 miles north of Muir Beach. Head uphill on Coastal Trail, a wide single-track. Pass intersections at 2.6 and 2.7 miles continuing on main trail to Pantoll Ranger station.
3.4 miles head uphill on paved road. 4.6 miles right on Ridgecrest Blvd. 4.9 miles left on Rock Springs FR. 5.7 miles left at Potrero Meadow on Laurel Dell FR. 7.8 miles left on paved Ridgecrest Blvd. 9.4 miles left on Pantoll Road (paved). 10.6 miles head through Pantoll Ranger Station returning to Coastal Trail. 14.0 miles Finish.

Mount Tamalpais Bike Trails

Beginner Level Trails

Laurel Dell Fire Road - Easy fire road through scrub and meadows.

Intermediate Level Trails

Eldridge Grade - Long fire road climbs the northeast face of Mount Tam.
Shaver Grade - Mellow fire road through mixed forest.
Blithedale Ridge Fire Road - Steeply rolling fire road.
Hoo-Koo-E-Koo - Rolling fire road through evergreen forest and scrub.
Old Railroad Grade - Easy climb up southern face of Mount Tam.
Gravity Car Grade - Short fire road connects Old Railroad Grade to Panoramic Hwy.
Rock Springs-Lagunitas Fire Road - Climbs from Lake Lagunitas to Mount Tam.

Advanced Level Trails

Tender Foot Trail - Lone single-track on Mount Tam from near Mountain Home to Cascade Drive. Very technical in places.

Directions to trailhead(s):

Mount Tam can be reached from a number of areas including Ross (ride 1), Mill Valley and Muir Beach (ride 2). To reach the Ross trailhead, take the Sir Francis Drake Blvd. exit on Hwy. 101 and head west for three miles. Lagunitas Road is a left off of Drake Blvd. Roadside parking is available or try your luck at Natalie Greene Park a mile up the road. The trailhead for ride 2 is a windy 1.7 miles north of the turn-off to Muir Beach on the inland side of Hwy. 1.