South Lake Tahoe Mountain Bike Map

Guide to the best mountain bike trails near South Lake Tahoe

Area Summary
Location: Luther Pass region on Hwy. 89
Best For: Advanced Riders
Suitable For: All levels
Ground Cover: Evergreen forest and alpine meadows
Seasons: Summer and fall. Snowpack can linger into
late July.

A short drive from the congestion of South Lake Tahoe lies a bounty of great mountain biking. Anchored by the Tahoe Rim Trail, the mountains between the lake and Hope Valley harbor an abundance of challenging single-track for advanced riders as well as easier out- and-back routes for beginners.

For strong riders seeking long routes with beautiful alpine scenery, the South Lake area couldn't be better. The (in)famous Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is just one of the long loops that can be fashioned using connector trails and fire roads off the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Intermediate riders can get a great taste of single-track on the southern portion of the TRT near Big Meadow. The few hike-a-bike sections are separated by long stretches of great riding through evergreen forests and meadows. Beginners will also enjoy the Burnside Lake and Angora Ridge trails, both of which head slowly uphill on wide fire roads.

One note of caution. The high volume of users, and the sensitive alpine environment require that users be especially cautious and considerate. Please stay on designated trails only.

The South Lake Tahoe area is just one of the huge variety of mountain biking spots that the Northern Sierra has to offer. Discover more great rides.

South Lake Tahoe Bike Trails

Tahoe Rim Trail - Intermediate to Advanced often rocky single-track through gorgeous alpine terrain. Many short hike-a-bike sections

Mr. Toads Wild Ride (Saxon Creek Trail) - Very steep and technical single-track descent.

Christmas Valley Trail - Steep, technical single-track through rocky terrain.
Armstrong Pass Trail - Fun, moderately technical single-track climbs to TRT at Armstrong Pass.

FR051 - Scenic though sometimes rutted fire road to Armstrong Pass.

Burnside Lake Road - Easy fire road to scenic lake. Some vehicular traffic. Good out-and-back ride.

Angora Ridge Road - Wide, well-graded fire road through mixed forest to Angora Lakes. Some vehicular traffic.

Directions to trailhead(s):
Big Meadow Trailhead (Ride 1) is located on Hwy. 89 near Luther Pass, 6 miles north of the intersection with Hwy. 88 and 5 miles south of the intersection with Hwy. 50.

Trailhead for Ride 2 is at the Forest Service gate at the end of Oneidas Road in the town of Meyers.

Parking for Burnside Lake out-and-back is available at intersection of Hwys. 88 and 89 in Hope Valley.