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Henry Coe State Park Mountain Bike Trail Map

Guide to the best mountain bike trails in the northern
section of Henry Coe State Park

Henry Coe State Park Mountain Biking

Area Summary
Location: Half hour's drive east of Morgan Hill
Best For: Advanced riders
Suitable For: Advanced intermediates and better
Ground Cover: Open grasslands, chaparral, oak woodlands
Seasons: Fall through spring. Often extremely hot in summer. Trails closed briefly after heavy rains. Call (408) 779-2728 for conditions.

If you like remote, strenuous mountain biking with lots of technical single-track and you're willing to drive a ways to find it, Henry Coe State Park is just the place. California's second-largest state park, Henry Coe sports decidedly rugged terrain in a semi-open, mixed woodlands setting. Beginners should steer clear, but if you're up for the challenge, Coe offers thrilling riding in the wildest setting anyplace in the Bay Area.

The park's northern section, which includes a developed campground and visitors center, features the Middle Ridge Loop, a classic Coe ride that should be on any advanced intermediate rider's "must do" list. The single-track is beautiful and challenging, but the payback is a nasty climb up from Poverty Flat to end the ride.
The China Hole Trail, featured in ride 2, is an easier alternative with moderately technical and well graded single-track through oak woodlands and chaparral.

The featured rides are great starting points, but Coe begs to be explored, with miles of fire roads and single-track crisscrossing its vast expanse. Hit the campgrounds for a spring weekend to get more riding "bang" for your driving "buck" and you'll get to experience the best Coe has to offer.

The trail map below is a jpeg of the actual maps from our books and map-sets.
Henry Coe State Park is just one of the huge variety of mountain biking spots that the Bay Area has to offer. Discover more great rides.

Henry Coe Bike Trails

Middle Ridge Trail - begins as fun rolling single-track through oak woodlands before descending steeply.

Flat Frog Trail - narrow, though never steep, single-track

China Hole Trail - well graded single-track through manzanita, oak woodlands and grasslands.

Jackass Trail - steep single-track connects Blue Ridge and Poverty Flat fire roads via Miller Field

Willow Ridge Trail
- steep single-track through grasslands and oak woodlands.

Note: All fire roads in the northern section contain steep rutted sections. Parts of Hobbs Road and Poverty Flat Road are particularly nasty and will usually require some hike-a-bike.

Directions to trailhead(s):

Park HQ is located 11 miles east of Morgan Hill. Take the Dunne Avenue exit off Hwy. 101 and head east. Road winds and ascends before reaching the Coe HQ.