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China Camp State Park Mountain Bike Trail Map

Discover the best mountain bike trails in China Camp State Park

China Camp State Park Mountain Biking

China Camp State Park Area Summary

Location: San Rafael
Best For: Beginner/Intermediates
Suitable For: All levels except extreme
Ground Cover: Mostly oak and laurel forest
Seasons: Good year round

China Camp reminds me a little of a utility player in baseball. Perhaps not an all-star amongst the big hitters of Marin County mountain biking, China Camp nevertheless succeeds in a number of specialized roles. First and foremost it offers a bevy of open single-track trails. OK, they're wide and rarely technical, but heck, this is Marin...be thankful. China Camp Mountain biking is also great for beginners, offering a selection of relatively easy trails and loops. It's also a great after-work spot with short loops and easy access from suburban Marin.

As a bonus, riders are treated to great scenery in a mellow, park-like setting. Most of the lower trails are relatively open, affording great bay views, while the upper trails have a more wooded feel. There are tons of deer that seem pretty nonchalant about human presence...that only adds to the laid-back and unthreatening vibe of China Camp.

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China Camp Trails

Beginner Level Trails

Shoreline Trail - Easy single-track with great bay views.

Intermediate Level Trails

Bay View Trail - Single-track trail climbs to ridge through forest. Moderately technical in places.
Oak Ridge Trail - Fun single-track through forest and grasslands.
Miwok Fire Road - Moderately steep fire road.
Echo Trail - Single-track connector from Bay View Trail to Bay Hills Drive.
Ridge Fire Road - Rolling, sometimes steep fire road through forest.
Back Ranch Fire Road - Connects relatively open flatlands to forested ridge. Steep up top.

Directions to trailhead(s):
China Camp State Park is just a 25-minute drive north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Take the N. San Pedro Road exit off Hwy. 101 in San Rafael and head east for about four miles. There's a small entrance fee to park in China Camp. There is also abundant roadside parking just outside the park.