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Bay Area Mountain Bike Trails

Henry Coe State Park - South Mountain Bike Map

Trail map and info on the best mountain biking rides in Henry Coe State Park

Henry Coe State Park Mountain Biking

Area Summary
Location: Half hour's drive east of Gilroy
Best For: Advanced riders
Suitable For: Intermediates and better
Ground Cover: Open grasslands, chaparral, and oak woodlands
Seasons: Fall through spring. Often extremely hot in summer. Trails closed briefly after heavy rains. Call (408) 779-2728 for conditions.

If you want to experience a slightly mellower side of Henry Coe, head to Hunting Hollow and Gilroy Hot Springs, two major trailheads 10 miles east of Gilroy. From these park entrances, some outstanding rides can be cobbled together that strong intermediate riders will enjoy. Of course, riders looking for more hard-core routes won't be disappointed either.

The key to avoiding the death marches that are characteristic of the northern sections of Coe is using Coit Road, a well-graded fire road that links Gilroy Hot Springs to loads of spectacular single-track. Featured Ride # 1 climbs Coit Road and Wasno Road before diving into five miles of sublime downhill single-track. Ride # 2, which starts at Hunting Hollow, has the traditional Coe hike-a-bike section followed by miles of equally great single-track.

Like in the northern section, southwest Coe begs to be explored...after you have a few guided rides under your belt. If you're into epic rides, the southern section is definitely the better staging area. Its lower altitude ensures that you'll be finishing the ride downhill, not a small factor when you consider the nasty endings to most northern Coe rides!

Henry Coe State Park is just one of the huge variety of mountain biking spots that the Bay Area has to offer. Discover more great rides.
Directions to trailhead(s):
To reach the southern entrance(s) to Henry Coe State Park at Hunting Hollow and Gilroy Hot Springs, take the Leavesley Road exit off Hwy. 101 and head east for 1.8 miles. Go left on New Avenue for 0.6 miles and then right onto Roop Road. In 3.3 miles stay right on Gilroy Hot Springs Road. In 3.2 miles you'll reach Hunting Hollow, a large parking area on your right. Gilroy Hot Springs is another 2 miles ahead. Parking here is limited to spots on the side of the road.