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Skeggs Mountain Bike Trail Map

Guide to the best mountain biking in El Corte De Madera (Skeggs) Open Space

Skeggs Mountain Biking

Skeggs Open Space Area Summary

Location: Skyline Blvd. above San Carlos
Best For: Advanced
Suitable For: Intermediate to advanced
Ground Cover: Dense redwood and fir forest
Seasons: Spring through Fall. Trails stay muddy after significant rainfall.

Do ya like trees...a lot? Then you'll love mountain biking at El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space. Once extensively logged, Skeggs, as it's commonly referred to, is largely enshrouded in a canopy of mixed evergreen and redwood forest, making for a great getaway on hot summer days.

El Corte de Madera is an advanced rider's paradise filled with challenging fire roads and abundant single-track. Intermediate riders will also have fun and be tested by the switchbacks, rock gardens and other technical challenges that Skeggs throws at them.

Special recognition is deserved for R.O.M.P., the local trail access organization, which has worked closely with the Mid-Peninula Open Space to recut a number of old trails. The result of their work has been a number of enormously fun trails, and a closer relationship with one of the regions most important public land preservation organizations.

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Skeggs Featured Rides

Skeggs Ride 1

Mileage: 9.9 miles
Aerobic: advanced intermediate
Technical: advanced
Trailhead: lower gate 1/4 mile south of Skeggs Point
Description: A classic Skeggs ride that combines long stretches of buff single-track with short technical sections.

Start at the trailhead 1/4 mile south of Skeggs Point. Pass through the entrance gate and turn right on the Sierra Morena Trail.
0.6 miles left on Fir Trail. 1.1 miles stay right. 1.3 miles stay left. 1.6 miles right on Resolution Trail. 2.7 miles left on El Corte de Madera Creek Trail. 3.3 miles left on North Leaf Trail. 4.4 miles stay left. 4.9 miles stay left on Methuselah Trail. Cross stream and begin steep uphill. 5.8 miles right on Giant Salamander Trail. 6.9 miles left on Timberview Trail. 7.6 miles left on Manzanita Trail. 8.7 miles cross Methuselah Trail. 8.8 miles right on Fir Trail. 9.3 miles right on Sierra Morena Trail. 9.9 miles Finish.

Skeggs Ride 2

Mileage: 5.8 miles
Aerobic: intermediate
Technical: advanced/intermediate
Trailhead: lower gate 1/4 mile south of Skeggs Point
Description: A short but exhilarating ride along some of El Corte de Madera's newest single-track trails

From the lower gate head south (left) along Sierra Morena trail.
0.7 miles stay left on Gordon Mill Trail. 0.9 miles right on Skyline Blvd. 1.3 miles right on Bear Gulch Road 2.1 miles right at gate. 2.3 miles stay left and head steeply downhill. 2.4 miles right on Blue Blossom Trail 3.6 miles stay left on Springboard Trail. 4.0 miles stay right on Gordon Mill Trail. 4.2 miles left on Crossover Trail. 4.6 miles stay right. 4.7 miles stay right on Timberview Trail. 5.5 miles stay right. 5.8 miles finish.

Skeggs Trails

Intermediate Level Trails

El Corte de Madera Creek Trail - Steep fire road up top and single-track at bottom.
Methuselah Trail - Steep fire road up top, steep single-track at bottom.
Gordon Mill Trail - Fire road through forest.
Virginia Mill Trail - Fire road and single-track. Can be muddy in winter/spring.

Advanced Level Trails

Giant Salamander Trail - Fun, sometimes steep single-track.
Resolution Trail - Steep single-track. Rocky up top. Some exposed areas.
Manzanita Trail - Steep, rocky single-track.
Steam Donkey Trail - Steep, exposed single-track.
Blue Blossom Trail - Recently rerouted twisty, tight and super-fun single-track.
South Leaf Trail - Extremely technical single-track. Steep with roots, rocks and fall-offs.

Directions to trailhead(s)

El Corte de Madera is located about 40 minutes' drive south of San Francisco on Skyline Boulevard. From the intersection of Hwys 92 and 35 (Skyline Blvd) the main parking at Skeggs Point is 8.5 miles south on the east (left) side of the road. Additional roadside parking is available another 1/4 mile south of Skeggs. If you're coming from the south take Hwy 84 to Skyline Blvd., turn right and go about 4 miles north. Skeggs Point parking will be on your right.